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Our design team will use discussions with the client as a starting point to develop a design brief and feasibility study. The design brief will provide a thorough explanation outlining aims, objectives and milestones of the project and is a critical part of the process as it ensures that the important design issues have been considered and addressed where appropriate.


A P Architects specialise in master planning for projects of any scale. The process begins when we analyse the site including any opportunities and constraints. Where it is relevant, our team also consider the economic potential, particularly in commercial projects. This could include public realm spaces or public accessibility using public transport, walking or cycling.

Technical design

The technical design stage of the project involves the preparation of all drawings and information that would be required to construct the project. This would include developing, final specifications and liaising with the design team, typically engineers, to ensure a fully coordinated technical design package.

For house builder clients, who already have pre-approved house types, we can assist in a standalone technical design package comprising of:

  • Adjusting house type design aesthetics to suit specific planning approvals, such as changing window styles, roof geometries and architectural detailing
  • Creating block plans and block elevations showing change in levels
  • Creating full technical packages for bespoke house types or apartments
  • Adapting any house types to meet specific planning obligations such as M4(3) building regulation compliance


Full RIBA services

On smaller development projects, we can assist clients by providing a full traditional RIBA service should they require. This can include extra support for the client coordinating a full design team, from planning through to completion.


It can often be difficult to visualise a project with just 2D floor plans and elevations. A P Architects prefer to help our clients to see what their project will look like upon completion. This also allows for the opportunity to develop design choices once the building has been viewed in 3D. Our in-house visualisers work with the design team to ensure that all the design intentions have been met.

Planning Consultancy

Our planning consultants have extensive experience with current planning legislation in a range of different projects, allowing us to advise our clients on planning related matters specific to the project. Often, on complex sites, a clear planning strategy is required, which is the driver to success for the project. Our portfolio includes a range from large scale developments to smaller extension projects.

Sustainability and
Energy Assessments

SAP, or Standard Assessment Procedure, is the approved method for calculating a building’s energy efficiency for UK building regulations. Data is collected and used to calculate the energy performance of the finished building. We can assist with bespoke one-off builds to multi-unit developments.

Topographical Surveys

Our services also include topographical surveys. These surveys show all features of an external site, which can be used to make decisions on the planning of new buildings, re-positioning of existing boundaries and designing drainage systems. Topographical surveys include all existing buildings, structures, boundary features, surface level drainage information, tree locations, surface material changes and level values across the site. Our surveys are carried out to the standards of RICS specifications.


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