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Do I Really Need an Architect

In this day and age, it isn’t surprising that individuals looking to extend or redesign their homes entirely, are assessing the necessary costs and looking at where cutbacks can be made. And it is more than likely that the first question that arises is:

“Do we really need an architect?”

Legally, you are not required to have an architect to complete any works. However, having one can make the whole process a lot smoother.

Your home is where you are comfortable, where you eat, drink and sleep. It is where you have family and friends and make life-long memories. Naturally, this makes home your most valuable asset.

There are many aspects of extension and development projects that most people are not familiar with. It’s hard enough navigating around the various choices that need to be made – from the size of the build to the design and suitability to its purpose – without having to worry about other, unfamiliar aspects of the process. These can include ensuring that the submissions made to the local council are ‘in-keeping’ with their stipulated criteria and expectations, or ensuring the build meets the latest codes and regulations.

It may seem on initial thought that an architect is nice to have, not need to have. However, hiring an architect is more than just a matter of convenience. Aside from the wealth of experience and professionalism, an architect can offer design ideas that will complement both your build and needs; help to ensure that communication is clear with all parties involved, which will help to keep costs down by avoiding onsite building errors; and ensuring that the project stays on track and isn’t delayed unnecessarily.

For more, please follow the link to access RIBA’s guide to working with an architect for your home, or the homeowners’ digest to explore top tips and design inspiration from the professionals.


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